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Private Events

Private Events at Duce Villa

Our central location, in the heart of Tel Aviv, converts Duce Villa Events House into the ideal site for your intimate events.
The highly invested interior design, designed hall, modular furniture and green patio create an inspiration filled space, adaptable to any type of event.
The site is suitable for small quality boutique events of up to 250 guests:
Small and prestigious weddings, Bar/Bat Mitzvot, Britot, birthday celebrations etc.

Our New Yard 

Recently we added a spacious yard with luscious green vegetation and creepers that convert it into an ideal and perfect place for an exciting reception, an outdoor Chuppah and a unique and amazing atmosphere Because of its quality kitchen, modular design, amplification system,   state-of-the-art illumination and projection, indubitably Duce Villa is your perfect choice for events in the heart of Tel Aviv.




בר/בת מצווה